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    Wishing Well Cascading Garden Fountain

    Price:  $186.39

    This is a stylish yet simple stone finish that features a durable cascading fountain made out of fiberglass. The design itself is a country style marvel which serves as both a fountain and a sculpture giving life to your outdoor space. Not to mention the tranquil and soothing sounds the water makes is sure to put someone in a relaxed mood whilst drowning the surrounding noises.

    Measuring about 13 x 24.50 x 19 inches and about 19 pounds in weight, the wishing well cascading garden fountain sure is quite portable and steady. The cascading system is powered by an electric pump that circulates the water. This is actually a great advantage since no plumbing is required. Some models come with dual power options, that is, solar and electric. Installation and operation of the wishing well fountain is quite simple and straight forward.

    As the name suggests, it would be ideal to set it up in the backyard or an outdoor garden to give it that beautiful element. Ships only to USA and Canada!

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