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    Olefin Polyester Hammock Pillow

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    Hammock bed pillow is prepared from olefin polyester material having polyester fill to help hold the elements. It’s fitted with three straps to allow the fixture to the tied to the hammock spreader bar. At the width of 55 inches, the olefin polyester hammock pillow covers one side of the hammock better than the other. The outdoor Caribbean hammock pillow is good sized, soft and comfortable for two adults use.

    What are the general features of the Hammock bed pillow? It comes in nine different colors that are less susceptible to fading, making it an ideal accessory for every hammock. The Poly-fiber stuffing offers an extra thick layer for the ultimate luxury feel making it ideal for outdoors activities. The fixture includes contrasting dual packed king size pillow that boosts the comfort levels. The fixture is well sized and soft, and can be comfortably used by two adults. This shall reduce the load to be carried when going to outdoor activities.

    5 Hammock Pillows Available in Each Color

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