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    Classic Caribbean Polyester Rope Hammock

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    The classic soft spun polyester rope hammock is hand knit from soft spun polyester. They are durable and shall last long since they never rot, mildew or mold. In addition, they have great strength allowing them to withstand changing weather. In addition, the hardwood spreader bar is packed with multiple marine varnish coats to protect the fixture from external harsh conditions. The soft spun rope hammock measures 55 inches (140) by width and 80 inches in length, allowing maximum comfort ability for two adults use.

    What makes the classic Caribbean polyester rope hammock outstanding?

    The hammock can be easily and simply hand from any two points twelve feet or more apart.

    It hand woven, allowing for quality output since the minor details are put in consideration.

    The fixture is made from 100 % soft spun polyester.
    Ideal for outdoor use being the classic hammock style.
    Comes in different colors to complement any individual.
    Less susceptible to harsh external conditions, resist corrosion, mildew and other pathogens

    5 Caribbean Rope Hammocks Available in Each Color

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