1. Arria Antique Bronze 3 Piece Bistro Set
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    Arria Antique Bronze 3 Piece Bistro Set

    Price:  $169.99

    Arria Antique Bronze 3 Piece Bistro Set is not just a full set of furniture, but an artistic expression of beauty. The design is quite astounding and if space is your primary concern, then Arria Antique Bronze is the right choice to keep your house as tidy as possible. To get a clear understanding of what I mean, here is a brief description of Arria Antique Bronze 3 Piece Bistro Set.

    Designed for limited space, Arria Antique Bronze comes with a cast aluminum table that has a diameter of 23.6 inches and two cast aluminum chairs. The full set is very light, making it easier to carry around, especially when travelling or moving. Both the chairs and the table are given an appealing bronze finish making it a perfect house decoration. To get a clear picture of the privileges that comes with the full set, here are some of its salient features.


    - An appealing bronze finish - It looks attractive.
    - Easy to assemble - Does not require any expert knowledge to put together

    - Lightweight - Making it easy to move around.
    - The set comes with zero maintenance.
    - Purchasing the product comes with an incredible offer of a 5-year warranty.

    - Made of Aluminum
    - Chair measurements are 15'' width, 15'' diameter and 35 inches height.
    - Table measurements are 23.5'' diameter and 27'' height.

    In summary, Arria Antique Bronze 3 Piece Bistro serves well where space and tidiness is a primary concern. The design is amazingly beautiful. The size, weight and the design Of the furniture makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor seating experience. At a price of 179 dollars, Arria Antique Bronze 3 Piece Bistro is the most affordable space friendly set of furniture you can find in the market.

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